In the city of the lost

In the city of the lost,

My father holds me close to his heart,

“Don’t weep, my little ducky, don’t weep!

You see, I am good!

In this land of the dead,

Sadness smiles, greed dies, fame gets lost.

In this land,

Fireflies shine before the rain,

Regrets turn into tear drops

Washing away all the dirt.

You see, on my roof

The birds bring seeds in

The seeds break into green

They are my friends.

I am free from pains, gains and losses.

So don’t weep!

If you miss me,

Come over here to the City of No Worry…”


The fog fades away

April lilies on his grave

Burning candles shred lights on my face.

The young girl smiles

“I have cleaned your father’s home spotless

And thank you for the tip!”


In this city of the dead,

I hear whispers, I feel winds

I see the moon, I smell grass

I hear the living speaking to the lost

Without sounds.

Featured Image -- 3695

Pham Viet Ha

(Thăm mộ bố 15/04/2017)


2 thoughts on “In the city of the lost

  1. Beautiful and touching…Is it that time has come we are enlightened, knowing death is part of this life, just like night and day…and there your father shines on you, light of love…

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